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Cours et services ellefitness group class

(For HER only Monday to Friday / For HIM also on weekends)

The feeling of elation is the most compelling reason for group training. Group exercise increases endorphin levels more than during solo training. This hormone, similar to morphine, provides a feeling of well-being.


In addition, synchronized physical activities improve coordination, boost morale and strengthen social bonds. It’s just good stuff!

Come and taste the atmosphere and sweat with us without obligation with 3 free trial classes.


all day and all week!

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With elleFITNESS, you keep your freedom! CONTRACT FREE with our weekly ‘Gatito‘ and monthly Ocelot memberships or our twice a week monthly membership ‘Kodkod‘.

The only downside is that promotions come and go. Therefore, reduced rates do not last forever… but our regular rates remain very, very reasonable.

If you are of a loyal nature and / or want to be sure to set your budget for several months, we have our 6-month ‘Puma‘ and 12-month ‘Jaguar‘ commitments for you, always with an unlimited access.

If you can only come once in a while, then the À LA CARTE Panther passes are your solution. You get a free class with the purchase of 10 sessions.

point d'interrogation

Why are our memberships are named after felines? This is because we donate part of the profits to CIWY. It is our partner NGO located in Bolivia, running 3 parks in a natural environment to give back a decent life to wild animals victims of illegal trafficking. The name of our memberships honor the feline species found in South America.

Find out more about CIWY.

Classes and services ellefitness benefits group class

Budget Friendly – With group classes, you benefit from the expertise and encouragements of a qualified Trainer for a fraction of the cost of private classes.

The Motivation of the Pack Effect – Group classes are a never-ending circle of motivation. Others motivate you to push harder, which motivates others to push too.

Various Structures All Baked in the Spout – Group classes is a great way to work out without having to think or plan. Also ideal for those new to fitness.

Safe Workouts – It’s your Trainer’s job to demonstrate the right postures and make sure everyone is doing each exercise the right way.

Boredom Hunter – It’s different every time, no room for a boring routine! In addition, the variety of workouts creates muscle confusion, which allows your body to increase its metabolism.

Stimulation for New Goals – In a group, you will find those who represent your targets, whether in terms of physical or mental strength.

Commitment to yourself – Because you have to book it, your class is on your agenda. You’ve already set aside time instead of having to.

It’s fun! – Energizing playlists, your Trainer’s drive and a gang of motivated SuperWomen make group classes fun in addition to an efficient workout.

Cours et services ellefitness private class

(GENTLEMEN, you are welcome for our private classes, alone or in pairs)

Whether it is to lose weight, gain muscle mass, get toned and fit, your Private Trainer supports you in your physical and mental change process with 100% personalized programs to allow you to reach a better yourself.


For 1 or 2 people, private classes are the ideal option to enjoy the exclusive attention of your Trainer to learn better techniques, improve your sport performance and achieve your goals.

Individual sports coaching brings you regularity in your training. The expertise, encouragement, follow-up and friendliness of your Coach will allow you to really feel supported and will help you push your limits. Your Coach is your accomplice and makes your sessions a rendezvous with your well-being.

Cours et services ellefitness cours privé solo

In pair, it’s always better! Working out with a partner is some quality time with your friend, lover or colleague. It’s stimulating, motivating and encouraging. Your Coach will know how to adapt the workouts to your respective levels, if necessary, and will urge you to push each other beyond your limits. 

Cours et services ellefitness cours privé duo
Classes and services ellefitness benefits private class

Greater Motivation – Good resolutions won’t fly away this time around, the friendly dynamics of private classes will keep you motivated.

Personalized Workouts – Your Coach will set up workouts based on your goals, background and fitness level.

Achieve Real Results – If you follow your Coach’s instructions, you will achieve meaningful results quickly.

Benefit from an appropriate follow-up – Your Coach is there to advise you and guide you according to the goals you want to achieve.

Safe Training – Your Coach will choose exercises suited to your level or abilities and give you the right execution techniques.

Surpassing yourself – Your Coach will help you get to know and understand your body better to overcome your fears and push your limits.

Acquire a better quality of life – Your Coach can also advise you on changes to make to your lifestyle and eating habits.

Cours et services ellefitness custom services
Cours et services ellefitness Maigrir


You do not know how to start your weight loss, or which exercises to favor to lose weight?

elleFITNESS has developed its 4 WEEKS TO MELT program. For an optimized and sustainable weight loss we will not talk to you about diet and we will not just make you move. Our goal is to help you change your bad habits and adopt new ones in your diet and in your relationship with physical activity:


Sometimes it only takes small changes in our eating habits for a big physical change to begin. It is not a question here of telling you what you should deprive yourself of but, on the contrary, how to please yourself healthily.


It’s hard for everyone to get back or get started when you’ve let go for a long time. Our goals are to help you connect with your body and how it works, and to help you discover that you can have fun working out.


Your trainer is there to keep your motivation to the roof, or to help you regain it when you have “downs”. You are not alone in your adventure!

The main points of the “4 WEEKS TO MELT” program:

 Keep your commitment to yourself for 4 weeks.

Gradually integrate the necessary changes into your lifestyle.

5 workout days per week including 3 30-minute HIIT sessions and 2 45-minute strength training sessions. You can chose to join our group classes or have privates classes onsite or online.

1 initial meeting of 60 minutes to get an overview of your motivations, background and lifestyle.

1 weekly meeting of 15 minutes to take stock.

1 final 30-minute meeting to establish your action plan to continue losing weight and / or maintain a healthy weight

The 4 WEEKS TO MELT program teaches you the techniques to achieve sustainable and reasoned weight loss.


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Cours et services ellefitness Nutrition


You know that to stay fit and healthy, you have to eat well. But what exactly does “eat well” mean?

elleFITNESS partners with certified nutritionists and dieticians. These professionals have all the knowledge and expertise to advise you on nutrition and help you integrate a varied diet into your lifestyle.

To maintain a healthy weight and give your body everything it needs to think and move throughout the day, you need to understand WHAT to eat, WHEN and WHY.

For instance: Do you know what the body needs the most to stay active when you workout? … Glucose! Glucose is the body’s fuel, especially at the beginning of your training. Even when you’ve been exercising for a while and your muscles get their energy from fat, glucose is still essential. It is the fuel of the human body: so don’t forget to refuel!

30 minutes $50+tx / 45 minutes $65+tx / 60 minutes $80+tx


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Cours et services ellefitness Musculation


Do you want to get tone and firm up certain areas of your body? But you don’t know how…

Muscle Strengthening helps restore strength and tone to your body, it also improves performance in sport and reduces the risk of musculoskeletal injuries.

Do not mix up Muscle Building and Muscle Strengthening

Muscle Strengthening  is not about lifting heavy weights to have big muscles, but rather focusing on duration (endurance) and repetition (resistance) to work the muscle in depth. As a result, in addition to having defined muscles and a firmer silhouette, you will also achieve better posture.

Muscle Strengthening targets all muscle groups

The core (combining abs and back muscles), glutes, legs and arms. No group should be neglected to maintain or improve your mobility (range of motion). Remember that everything is linked! … A lack of mobility in the ankle induces back pain during a squat.

The practice of Muscle Strengthening is beneficial for your health

It reduces back pain and neck tension, promotes digestion and preserves bone density. But be careful to not worsen your condition with unfit movements or improper tehnics. Your Coach is there to correct you if necessary and to concoct a diversified program to target all muscle groups.

For 1 person

PRIVATE CLASSES are adjusted to your schedule!

30, 45 or 60 minute sessions



For 2 people

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Cours et services ellefitness Flexibilité


You already know that a lack of flexibility limits your movements, but did you know that it also has an impact on your physical and mental health?

Muscle stiffness imposes unsuitable pressure on muscles and joints. In addition to being uncomfortable, it can lead to poor posture, induce headaches, cause digestive problems and  premature wear and tear on the joints.

Lack of flexibility has harmful consequences

When we lack flexibility we limit ourselves in our movements and we do not move naturally. Consequently the body adjusts and compensates but to the detriment of our physical integrity. In short, we move as we can and not as we should.

Greater amplitude makes everyday movements more natural

Gaining muscle flexibility helps your body align properly and correct any imbalance. You can thus optimize your muscle potential and therefore improve your sports performance.

 There are only advantages to making your body flexible

A flexible body also helps in better control against gravity and take advantage of momentum. It is also a great way to limit muscle soreness and the risk of injury by avoiding negative resistance. Stretching reduces the risk of strains and tears, and prevents tendonitis.

Stretching lowers cortisol levels, stimulating the secretion of serotonin and endorphins

In addition to the physical benefits, working on your flexibility also calms the mind. Stretching should be done gently, being aware of your breathing. Now is the time to connect with your body and relax.

Flexibility is the anti-aging of fitness

Being more flexible means putting a stop to certain problems linked to the aging of the body, such as osteoarthritis, for example, which is linked to the deterioration of the joints. People who lack flexibility are also at greater risk of developing hip problems.

For 1 person

PRIVATE CLASSES are adjusted to your schedule!

30, 45 or 60 minute sessions



For 2 people

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Cours et services ellefitness Postures


You dream of exhibiting an image of confidence by having a straighter and more harmonious figure, but you think that there is nothing to do about it… On the contrary, anything is possible!

Posture encompasses one’s position and body attitude. Most people exercise to slim down or build muscle, but forget to correct their posture. However, it is very important, both in terms of the image we give, and to avoid having a hunched back.

A stooped back projects an image of insecurity while a straight back exudes confidence

Bisons have disappeared from our landscapes but the ‘Bison Hump Neck’ is everywhere. This lump at the back of the neck that we see more and more often is due to the flabby and unsupported position in front of a computer or a smartphone. Poor posture results in a hunched back, drooping shoulders, and a neck that is too far forward.

Bad posture is a risk of potentially serious injuries

The population is incresingly sedentary losing muscle tone which is essential to keep your spine healthy. As a result, most people adopt poor positions to carry loads or pick up an object from the ground.

In the medium or long term, health issues appear

Bad posture can lead to musculoskeletal disorders. Back tension and low back pain increase the risk of injury. The compressed rib cage due to the bent back can cause breathing problems. Poor digestion or stress and chronic fatigue can also appear.

Better postures lead to a better quality of life

Straightening your posture helps relieve back pain and neck pain, but also improves mental well-being, and optimizes the functioning of the body overall.

elleFITNESS offers you very targeted classes to help you stand up and gain pride – Postural correction involves specific stretches for deep muscle work, including breathing techniques. Strength training of the abdominal belt (back and abs) aims to restore muscle tone by using the flexibility and resistance of training elastics.

For 1 person

PRIVATE CLASSES are adjusted to your schedule!

30, 45 or 60 minute sessions



For 2 people

Cours et services ellefitness séparation2


You want to maintain your fitness during your pregnancy or gain it back after childbirth, but you are not sure of what to do, or not. Let us boost your strength for the everyday movements of motherhood. 

… This service is available even if this section is still under construction – coming soon 🙂

For 1 person

PRIVATE CLASSES are adjusted to your schedule!

30, 45 or 60 minute sessions



For 2 people


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